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Subject: NEW TG: Family Changes by Mellissa Lynn
Date: 12 Dec 1996 08:02:56 GMT
Organization: Netcom
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X-NETCOM-Date: Thu Dec 12 2:02:56 AM CST 1996>>>Hey, this one I actually wrote! I haven't posted this one in a long
time; in fact, I don't think it's ever made ins 'Net debut, so
tonight's the night.If you're under 18, don't read this! Go check out instead! :) Family Changes
By Mellissa Lynn My wife, Katie, had known about my transvestite tendencies for
some time, and had been fully willing to incorporate them into her own
fantasies. We've played out hundreds of scenarios using our
imaginations and wardrobes. We've went shopping, to clubs, out for
weekend jaunts, and to social events for others like me. preteen lol sexy sites Every
Halloween we fully swap roles; she becomes a man for the day and I
become a woman.
One day, about three months before my birthday, she sat down next
to me on the couch. I was sitting comfortably in a T-shirt and jeans.
The T-shirt showed the outline of my bra quite clearly, and there was
no discernable bulge at my crotch. I have to digress a little and
Katie and I were fairly well off, due in part to an inheritance I
had received early in our marriage, and our own hard work following it.
I was a contributing editor at Newsworld magazine, and Katie was a
plastic surgeon at the clinic nearby. This became quite handy for us
after she found out about me.
There's not much to tell about that. I simply sat her down one
day and told her how I felt. I showed her pictures of me dressed. I
had pictures from as far back as when I was a teenager. She asked me
why I hadn't told her before; I answered that I hadn't really known
how. It had taken me this long (almost a decade after we were married)
to gain the courage. I asked her if this bothered her.
She answered no, it was a relief! She'd wondered where a few
items in her wardrobe had come from; she didn't recognize them! She'd
inadvertently gotten some of my female clothes mixed lolitas sucking dick vidios up with hers. We
laughed, then she asked me to dress for her.
I had wanted to do just that for a long time, and wasted no time
complying. I told her to go out for a few hours, and I'd be ready when
she came back. She left with a smile.
I coated myself in Nair, masked my face, and picked out my outfit
while I waited for the stuff to work. After the time had passed, I
stepped into the shower and cleaned it all off. I marveled at the
silky-smooth feeling of my skin against the towel as I dried off.
Quickly I shaved my face close and went to get my lingerie. First came
my gaffe, which tucked my bulge neatly away. Next I put on my black
waist cincher, which took me nicely to a trim 30-inch waist. I stepped
into the matching panties, then put on pantyhose. I taped up my chest
to make some cleavage, and inserted my falsies into the cups.
Next came my makeup. I put on a light coat of foundation, blush
and lipliner, just enough to subtly enhance my best features. I didn't
like to look overly made-up.
I went back into the bedroom and stepped into my black sweater-
dress. I had debated on something more fancy, but decided to show
Katie how I liked to be - comfortable. I pulled my auburn wig out of
its box, put it on, adjusted it, and gave it a few quick brushes to
make the style perfect. As I stepped into my pumps, I heard the front
door open. I grabbed my purse, took one last quick look in the mirror,
and started downstairs.
Well, Katie was amazed. She took one look at me and decided that
she could live with having her husband become a girlfriend. We went
out that night as women, Katie guiding me on how to perform in public,
and soon I was able to pull off being a woman as well as any other
woman could.
Katie gave me two presents for Christmas that year. She had me
take time off from work, and checked me into the hospital. What she
did is hard to describe. She gave me minor breast implants, just
enough to look like pectoral muscles if I went bare-chested, but with
an underwire bra and padding, I had deep cleavage.
She also rebuilt my manhood a little. She basically caused it to
pull into me when it wasn't erect, in effect vanishing. She lodged my
testicles inside permanently. A small bit of cosmetic surgery created
the illusion of female genitals. It was rather bizarre for a short
time after the operations, to reach between my legs and not find
anything! Even more bizarre was the first time I tried to urinate
standing! Unless I actually pulled it out, I had to sit to go, just
like any other female.
Back to my birthday present. She sat next to me and began
playing with my ample chest, then asked, "What do you want for your
"I don't know. Are we going out?"
"Well...I was thinking. There is something I'd like to do with
you for your birthday, but I don't know if you'll like it. Do you
trust me?"
I looked down at myself, then at her and laughed. "Isn't that
She loli japan image boards had to grin. "Okay. I want to make you a woman. Almost
completely. Permanently. To do this, there's certain things I have to
do to prepare you for cp lolita story tgp it. Are you willing?"
"What kind of things?" I asked. I was quite excited, but I
wanted to know what I had to do.
"Well...we've been talking about you quitting from editing and
just writing. How would you feel about doing that as a woman? I mean
full-time, as in permanently? I can make you as beautiful as you want,
you know that, and you've always written better as a woman than as nude young loli girl a
man anyway. What do you think of that idea?"
I was so excited I was almost shaking, but I sounded amazingly
calm as I said, "But what about our parents?"
"Like I've spoken to mine anytime recently!" There was bad blood
between Katie and the rest of her family; it was a situation I stayed
completely out of. The only time I'd ever met her parents was at our
wedding, where her father's final comment as he gave her lolita girls underwear link away was,
"Good riddance!"
"As far as your mom...well, I have something to confess. Your
mother's known about you since you were a kid, long before you even
started your photo album. Didn't you ever wonder why every once in
awhile you'd mysteriously find stuff that just happened to fit you
perfectly? Your mom was buying you things and hiding them so you
wouldn't know she bought them. Don't tell her I told you this, by the
way. When she told me, she wanted me to never tell you. I never have.
Got that?"
"What?" I grinned. "I heard a fly on the wall, is all."
"Good. Getting back to your present though, I'd be giving you
breasts permanently. I'd have to do some work on your hips. I want to
shave just a tiny bit of your Adam's apple. You'd have to take some
electrolysis." She sat back. "That's all in preparation, though. I
found a school to send you to. It specializes in hypnoteaching. You'd
become instinctively female, except you'd be bisexual and always love
me. You cp lolita story tgp would have a lifetime enrollment, so anytime you decided you
wanted to add something or delete something, it would just be a matter
of going there again."
I could no longer contain myself. I was shaking from emotion.
"What about ..." I asked breathlessly.
"Dear, that's MINE! That's not getting modified any further than
it already is."
I thought for maybe a sixteenth of a second, then said, "Let's do
it. How long do I have before going under the knife? I'm going to
need time lolita ass pussy teen to clear cp lolita story tgp my schedule of work."
"I know; that's why I'm asking now. Is a month enough time?"
Well, I cleared my work in less time than that, and handed in my
resignation. When my boss asked why, I said, "I'm going to start a
better life." He didn't understand, but that was probably for the
I won't go into details on the surgeries, but when I awoke, the
first things I saw were my 38D breasts, lying heavily on my chest. I
tried to speak, but my throat was still a bit sore from the surgery
I tried to shift a bit in bed, and realized I was immobile. A
few seconds after I tried, Katie was there, looking down at me. She
smiled and said, "Sorry, dear, if you move now you'll be in agony.
Your hips and butt aren't fully healed from the surgery either. By the
way, you're home now. How do you feel? Your throat's a bit sore, I
know, but I have something for you to drink which will make it feel
much better. Sip through this's that? Better? I thought
so. Tomorrow you can get up; for right now, get some sleep."
I followed my doctor's advice, and my recovery went well. I
found out I'd been in surgery for about three days, and it had been a
total success. I was now lolita teen nude phto physically a woman, with one exception. I
also found out I was legally a woman. Katie had been able to get all
the papers drawn up to create me a new identity.
I recuperated for about three weeks, long enough to learn how to
walk with the changes in my hips, bust, and butt. The day came when I
was supposed to go to school.
Katie came in and said, "Here dear. The school said you're to
wear this uniform. That way they'll know to pick you up."
It was a checkered skirt and jacket, with a red blouse
underneath. It fit a bit tightly, I thought, but it showed off my new
figure nicely. I wasn't so happy about the adult-sized Mary Janes I
had to wear, though. Still, I'd said I'd go, and we'd spent the money,
so I didn't complain.
The school was very bizarre. Instead of teachers, we had
Connectors, who set us up with the tapes and plugged us in. Once every
two hours, they'd come and change the tape. We were in school all
morning, a quick break for lunch, all afternoon, a quick break for
dinner, and then to bed with a LONG tape, replaying a summary of what
we'd covered that day.
I had thought I knew how to be a woman. This course showed me
there was more to it than I'd ever thought! It became instinct to add
just a touch of hip-wiggle, to take just a bit shorter steps, to subtly
push my chest out a little bit. I learned how to control my voice,
keeping it in a nice contralto. This was easy; Katie has tightened my
vocal cords a bit while she shaved my Adam's apple.
I learned some cp lolita story tgp other things I didn't understand the reasons for,
like hair and nail care and cosmetology. I received lessons in poise
and manners. I was taught how to tell what clothes looked best on me,
and how to look my best preteen lolita bbs gallery
in them.
At night I was given a tape to listen to that drills things
directly into my subconscious. I wasn't aware of what was on these
tapes consciously, but I could gradually feel a shift in my feelings
toward myself and others. I began realizing that women were superior
to men in every way, and I was lucky enough to have been given an
invitation to be one. I found myself becoming more attracted to women
than I ever was, but not in the same way. I wanted to be a woman with
them, to share their joys and sorrows, to have their tragedies and
triumphs. I found myself becoming a fully-realized woman, from the
inside out.
At last graduation came. We were told we should wear the
frilliest, most feminine outfits we had. Katie had visited me the
weekend before, delivering a package and telling me not to open it
until graduation. When I did, I found the most gorgeous dress! It was
a spaghetti-strap backless black velvet evening dress, slit up the
side. The neckline plunged, showing off my cleavage admirably. When I
put it on, I had to go into the bathroom and take care of myself! I
had never looked as seductively feminine as at that moment.
Katie was at the ceremony, of course, but I received a shock.
She was wearing a three-piece suit! She explained that she wanted to
make me feel as womanly as possible, and realized that the best way to
do that was to let me be the only woman in the house. She'd only be a
woman at work; the rest of the time, she was the man of the house, and
I was her wife!
This underage underage prerteen lolita was more than I had hoped for, and I hugged her hard. I
noticed her chest felt smaller than it had been previously. I
questioned her about it.
"I had them taken down to the size yours were. There's no need
to let those underwire bras go to waste!" she said with a laugh. "I
did a little something else that you'll like when we get home too."
She told me not to change until we got home. She packed my bags
in the car, helped me in, and we drove home. As we neared the house, I
got a bit nervous. This was the first time I'd been out in broad
daylight outside the house, in my own neighborhood! What would the
neighbors say?
That question was answered when we went inside. The women from
every house on the block were there, with a banner that said, "Welcome
to womanhood Denise!" And so I found out my new name. I liked it
I was quite nervous for the first few minutes of this impromptu
party, but I realized I fit in perfectly, thanks to the school, and
soon was totally at ease. I was floating on a cloud of femininity, in
Suddenly I looked around and Katie was nowhere in sight. I asked
about her, and the women all smiled mysteriously. Then music started
playing, and Katie strutted out, in nothing but a G-string. I looked,
and looked again. There was an unmistakable bulge in there!
She strolled around the room, then came up to me and sat on my
lap. She put my hand on her crotch. and I realized that it was quite
genuine! She whispered, "Another minor surgical miracle!" and kissed
me, as a man kisses a woman.
I was putty in her (his?) hands, which suddenly seemed so strong.
She (no, HE!) held me in his arms for quite some time, locked into that
passionate liplock, then pulled away. "How do you like your surprise?"
he asked in a husky voice. "You have one more, when we get to the
That must have been a signal. The party was wrapped up in five
minutes, with them all saying how nice I looked and how much I was
welcome to join them at the community pool tomorrow, and this and that.
As soon as they were all gone, Katie said, again in that husky
voice, "Feel yourself." I reached down and did so, and realized that
there was an extra hole there! I don't know how or where it had come
from; Katie said in her normal voice, "That was the last part of the
surgery. You're a manmade hermaphrodite, and so am I. The only
difference between us is your penis is on the top, and my pussy's on
top. Oh, and of course you can't have kids."
Well, I'm going to end this story with a little bit of what
happened between us that night. A VERY little bit! Let's just say
that Katie had designed us perfectly; we fit together like jigsaw
puzzle pieces! There was one other minor difference between us; lolitas sucking dick vidios Katie
had fashioned a clitoris into my pussy. It's a strange sensation
indeed, to come as a man and a woman simultaneously! She couldn't come
as a male, but someday she hopes science will catch up to us.

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